How to use this API

Hello Folks,

Today I am going to explain how to use my SMS API service in your own application. Please find the example source codes given below.

1. C# Example. Can be used directly in any .NET Application.

public void send(string uid, string password, string message, string no)
HttpWebRequest myReq = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create("" + uid + "&pwd=" + password + "&msg=" + message + "&phone=" + no + "&provider=fullonsms");

HttpWebResponse myResp = (HttpWebResponse)myReq.GetResponse();
System.IO.StreamReader respStreamReader = new System.IO.StreamReader(myResp.GetResponseStream());
string responseString = respStreamReader.ReadToEnd();

2. VB.NET example

Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load

Dim sURL As String
Dim objReader As StreamReader
sURL = ""
Dim sResponse As WebRequest
sResponse = WebRequest.Create(sURL)
Dim objStream As Stream
objStream = sResponse.GetResponse.GetResponseStream()
objReader = New StreamReader(objStream)
Catch ex As Exception
End Try
End Sub

3. PHP example.

$uid = 'USERNAME';
$pwd = 'PASSWORD';
$phone = 'SEND MSG TO PHONE NO';
$msg = 'MESSAGE TEXT';
$provider = 'fullonsms or fullonsms or any other provider supported by';

$content = 'uid='.rawurlencode($uid).
//'&codes=1'. // Use if you need a user freindly response message.

$sms_response = file_get_contents('' . $content);

echo $sms_response;

4. Java Example


public class SmsSender
//Replace your fullonsms username and password below
static final String _userName = "your fullonsms username";
static final String _password = "your fullonsms password";
static final String _url = "";
static final String charset = "UTF-8";

//to build the query string that will send a message
private static String buildRequestString(String targetPhoneNo, String message) throws UnsupportedEncodingException
String [] params = new String [5];
params[0] = _userName;
params[1] = _password;
params[2] = message;
params[3] = targetPhoneNo;
params[4] = "fullonsms";

String query = String.format("uid=%s&pwd=%s&msg=%s&phone=%s&provider=%s",
return query;

public static void sendMessage(String reciever, String message) throws Exception
//To establish the connection and perform the post request
URLConnection connection = new URL(_url + "?" + buildRequestString(reciever,message)).openConnection();
connection.setRequestProperty("Accept-Charset", charset);

//This automatically fires the request and we can use it to determine the response status
InputStream response = connection.getInputStream();
BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(response));

public static void main(String [] args)
throws Exception
String testPhoneNo = "9876543210";
String testMessage = "Sending Messages From java is not too hard";


5. Ruby example

require "net/http"
class SmsSender
def initialize(user_phone, password, provider = "fullonsms")
@sender = user_phone
@password = password
@provider = provider

def send(recipient,message)
uri = URI("")
params = { uid: @sender,
pwd: @password,
phone: recipient,
msg: message,
provider: @provider
uri.query = URI.encode_www_form(params)
response = Net::HTTP.get_response(uri)
if response.is_a?(Net::HTTPSuccess) && response.body == "1"
puts "Message Sent"
puts "Something Went Wrong. Error Code = #{response.body}"

#sample usage

fullonsms ="USERID","PASSWORD")

Required Params : uid, pwd, phone, msg.

uid : your userid for the required sms provider
pwd : your password for the required sms provider
provider : fullonsms, site2sms, youmint, ultoo, smsabc, indyarocks. If you do not specify any provider, Fullonsms will be used by default.
phone : phone number whom you want to send sms. seperate multiple phone numbers with a comma (,)
msg : your sms message, unlimited chars. will be sent as multiple msgs if crosses the message length for any provider

Optional Parameters
codes : 1. Send this if you require a user friendly msg from the server. for example, if codes=1 is not provided the server will return the result as an integer.
1 – SMS sent
-1 – Server Error
-2 – Invalid Username
-3 – Invalid message text
-4 – Login Failed
-5 – IP Blocked
-11 – Unsupported Provider
(Since March 1 2013)

Currently, the following service providers are supported for SMS sending.

  1. Full On SMS : 140 Chars
  2. Site 2 SMS : 260 Chars.
  3. : 130 Chars.
  4. : 148 Chars.
  5. : 140 Chars.
  6. : 140 Chars.
  • sathia

    Great info .. Thank u :)

    • Ubaid

      Welcome.. feel free to translate the code into other languages :)

  • Voila

    Is this legal :P ?

    • Ubaid

      Wats the defination of illegal? :D

      • Anant

        What I mean ask you is : Is this in accordance with the terms and conditions of way2sms ? they said that you can’t reverse engineering their site etc etc :P , so that’s why i asked.

        So is sending a text through an external script via way2sms ,legal ?

        Anyways,great work :D

        • Ubaid

          I am not reverse engineering their code by any way.. so i dont think it should be a problem!

          • Anant

            One last doubt – then how did you get hold of their API ? I just want to be completely sure that its legal to use automated messaging via way2sms

            Thanks a lot for your patience ! :D

  • Mohit Joshi

    I just want use this code for increasing my knowledge . So i tried this @my home but its giving me error about proxy (I am using bsnl net and it doesnt show any proxy)

    • Ubaid

      You might be behind a proxy server. Go to and you can find out if your service provider or your router is configured through some proxy server.

  • Boobalan

    Hi Friend you done a great job,
    But when i use site2sms provider to send a sms, the time the spaces between my message was gone away and it shows as single message.
    Original Msg: Hi How are you?
    SMS I got is: HiHowareyou?

    Please fix this as soon as possible.

    • Ubaid

      Thanks for letting me know. this error has now been fixed!

      • Boobalan

        Once agin Great work.. I have share about your website in my article. I hope it will gives more client to you.

        I have one suggestion , why not you extract one webservice interface(WSDL) instead of calling asp page.

        Because most of us likes to send BULK sms like (200 sms) at a time. If we call your asp page 200 times means, it will takes more time and gives overload to your server as well.

        So please create one webservice using .NET and it need to accept list of numbers (you can use List arrary to take list of mobile numbers) and other parameters to send BULK sms.

        If you do so, I am sure it will increase more value to your website. Thanks in advance.

        • Ubaid

          Thanks a lot! I have already started work on the WSDL but it might take sometime as i am a little busy. If you need to send the same SMS to more than one mobile number, you can separate the mobile numbers using a comma (“,”) and send it along with the URL.. My code takes care of separating it and sending the SMS to all the mobile numbers :)

          • Boobalan

            Great… all the very best….

          • Boobalan

            My Dear friend,
            I tried to send sms to multiple numbers using ‘,’ seperater. I guess it is not working. Please will you check your code again.
            I tested with site2sms and way2sms. Please confirm it.


    when i use site2sms provider to send a msg to particular no. Then its works but when i send same msg to same no. Again n again It not work or not send a msg.

    plz fixed this problem as soon as possible….

    • Ubaid

      This restriction is imposed by You cannot send the same msg to same number repeatedly. Try changing the msg a little, eg, put an extra space or dot at the end of the msg.. it shd then work..


    but site2sms provider of this site are send same msg to same no. Repeatly it work perfectly, sir see this site.

    • Ubaid

      Are you still using the buggy Internet Explorer? :D Anyways i have fixed it for IE users.. Since i use only FF and Chrome, wasn’t aware of such a thing.. thanks for letting me know..!


    site2sms provider are not working error code -4 all phone

  • jaymin

    i need , source code for this application can you mail the whole source code on my email id

  • Krish


    It’s a great work….Thank you very much for that….

    FullOnSMS and way2sms works perfectly but when I try site2sms and I sent sms to 18 numbers (using comma as seperator) then none of these numbers got sms. but when I send sms to 1 or 2 numbers then its going.

    and is giving a server error.

    and if I have to send sms from Fullonsms then I have send sms in block of 9 numbers. Means If i have to send sms to 90 numbers then I have to fire 10 links to your server.

    Please recheck this issues

  • tomesh jain

    nice work.
    can u please explain me how are you doing this .?
    I tried to track the way 2 sms website but i was not successful.
    can you please please explain me how did you do this….

  • harish

    Dear sir, actually i m developing a software in visual basic for doing some sms monitoring. i m newbie .. wat i want to do is to run a querry and get some result from my access databse. the adodc recordset result contain name , address, pone number . i can do till here fro my self.. now wat i have to do more is to make a send button and on clicking it i can send sms to my selected people from adodc recordset trhrogh vb6. so i need this code in vb6 and also wanna some help in implementing this code.

    • Ubaid

      I am not sure how to convert this code into VB6. But to convert this code into VB.NET visit and paste the code from above. this will give you VB.NET implementation of the same. I think, then it should be easier for you to write the code in VB6.

  • harish

    I m newbie. i m doing a preject on vb6
    all i need to do is to do a query in acces database. get the result in adodc recordset and then click on send button to send msg to the respective people in thedatabse// wat i have done till now is to get the list of people from access using vb6 .. now i need to know a way to sms them through usuing way2 sms. so i does need that code in vb6

  • nicks707

    good work dude !!! can u tell me how to let the user choose the provider himself ??? i mean i have attached a listbox in my appliation i want the user to choose the provider from it !!!

  • Chandresh Chaturvedi

    Dear Mr. Ubaid

    May be or may be not – but i expect that i am the main user of your API. I tell you the reason. Because i am use your API for sending sms from excel file for send 500 sms on a single click and this file uses by my more then 50+ network on twice on a day. For you i am giving you the link of my uploaded excel file. I hope you make it much better.

    Download Link :


    • Balaji Panigrahi

      the sms through excel rar file is corrupeted

      • Ubaid

        It is working fine. Can you try downloading once again?

  • http://smsapiisnotworking gana

    Your sms api for way2sms is not working. Please check it..

  • yuvaraja

    hey dude….now i cant send sms via way2sms….it returns a -1 for me….:(:(i tried using my coll wifi and my broadband modem too…..wat does this prob mean…???

  • GANA

    Hi Firend,

    SMS API is not working. It gives the response as “Error, Pls Try again”. Please check it.


    hai buddy,

    Your work is so nice. I have used your application for long days. But now the sms application is not working. It generates some error. I think it may occur due to the changes in the website of the service provider. So U may have to change your code. Make a review on it…..

  • GANA

    Can u check ur sms api for way2sms. Which is not working for me. Please tell what is the problem.

  • Dhanjay

    Great job……

  • tj

    i am getting error please try again? whats the problem .i am getting a reply -1

  • Pankaj nema

    I m having error code -1, it shows server error, i m not understanding it please help.

  • Sanc

    ur api does not work for way2sms currently. kindly update it.

  • Ubaid

    Sorry guys.. Had been to Thailand for a week, and then spent a week in Mumbai. Had no access to a decent system.
    The issue with Way2sms is now fixed, sorry for the delay. I hope you understand..

  • Chandresh Chaturvedi

    Thanks ubaid. I really face so many trubble during your vacation period. But
    finally thanks to you for giving prompt feedback.

    Send Free SMS with 7 SMS Gateweay by Directlly Excel File :-

    and one more thing. I found one mistake in my excel file in the page of
    “Personal Message” and rectify it. If you want to use or modify it, please
    download through the given new link :-

    SMS Through Excel.rar (3.3 MB)

  • aditya

    great great piece of work you are the man!!!!!! True RockStar your site helped me a lot in my project work thanks a lot man

    • Ubaid

      You are welcome :)

  • Kapil

    Hey will u please e mail the script for email is email removed to avoid spamming

  • mohsin

    sir plz add api gateway link of sms440or any best sms provider

    • Ubaid

      In my opinion, way2sms and fullonsms are by far the best sms service providers.. all others are ok, but not worth it.

  • Akarsh

    How about the api interface for Andorids ? why not prepare an Android app ?

    • Ubaid

      Good Idea Akarsh. I’m not an Android developer. Any suggestion guys? Is there anyone ready to volunteer for an Android / Java / iPhone App?

      • salahuddin

        i can develop j2me app,but i found that the api does not send new line chars that means when we send

        it turns
        “hi how r u”

        is it a bug or some technical issue??

        • Ubaid

          I will look into it. Thanks for letting me know.. I am out of town at the moment, and I wil be back in town on tue.. So I can check out only after a few days. you can definitely start working on your app, since this is a fix at my end I wil fix it’ll..

          • salahuddin

            yes inshalah, will code an app soon,nice work frnd

          • sudip

            I am using your api from android app. i am a android developer. I am ready for volunteer.

          • Ubaid

            Welcome to the league! Just mention your android app market details, and we will publish it on our website!

      • Akarsh

        I am new in Android, but ready to volunteer.

  • pankaj

    Will the “, separated” url api work if i have to send sms to around 200 people. I think thats the limit by TRAI :) .

    Pls reply urgent.

    • Ubaid

      You will be able to send more than 200 msgs using different apis. Say, send 200 from way2sms, another 200 from fullonsms etc..
      If you send more than 200 from a single provider, i am not really sure if it will get delivered. Maybe you can send so many msgs and let me know if it gets delivered beyond 200?

      • Madhurendra

        yes they alll get delivered ..

  • mohsin

    plz add sms440 or freesms8 also

  • jayanta

    Whether we can use this API with PHP file. If we can then how to do that ? please provide this info soon. Thanks….

  • Devinder Singh Kalra

    I want to send an Bulk SMS to australian numbers .how this will possible with this API

    • Ubaid

      Sorry bro… This api wil work for indian numbers only..

      • Devinder Singh Kalra

        Thanks Ubaid great work :) any limitations for sending SMS through this API

        • Ubaid

          Only limitations are you can send upto 200 msgs from each provider.. this is a regulation from the TRAI.. I dont seem to find any other limitation..

  • Manig

    is there any api to register in fullonsms without visiting the fullonsms signup page…

    • Ubaid

      I can make one for you but I am not sure if it’l work for you all time since it uses a captcha.. Don want to get into breaking the captcha and all that….

      • Manig

        i forget about that captcha… i hav one more doubt… if i enter the wrong username it shows error bt wen i enter the wrong password it is not showing any error like login failure or wrong password instead it displays sent…
        wat is t problem in tis…

        • Ubaid

          Yeah.. This bug is there in fullonsms.. But since its harmless i have not bothered to fix it..

          • Manig

            one more bug is there in fullonsms… if i send t mutiline mesage, it is delivered as a single line..
            for eg
            is delivered as hihowru… is there any solution to tis problem.

  • deep

    great job please repair

    • Ubaid has stopped providing free sms service… So I can’t help it…

  • Manig

    Thanks for your api sir… it is very helpful fr me… thanks a lot :)

  • mohsin

    sir plz add api of freesms8

  • salahuddin

    hi ubaid:-)

    i faced some issues as stated

    1-)the api does not sending some of the special charectors like &,the msg gets truncated after &
    2-)next line charector not sent
    3-)same msg not sent to same or diff. Recipients

    • Ubaid

      I checked for the errors you mentioned, and will give you some helpful suggestions.

      1. Always URL Encode the msg before you send it. I am not a java developer but i found a link to help u. Check here.
      2. Next line character also needs to be encoded in the url. Normally it is %0A . Replace all new line char’s with %0A and it should work.
      3. I am not sure about this. I faced this bug in IE, because it was caching the ajax request and not submitting again. Add another parameter to the url, called timestamp. make sure it is unique everytime you call the url. This way, your application will make sure the request is sent every time. Some help material here.

      Let me know how it goes..

      • salahuddin

        Hi ubaid :-)
        thanx for the reply
        i found the url encoder
        & i also finding out if i can make an online configurable application
        ( as you are adding more services, thats great)
        but it needs a html parser & it will be burden on small j2me devices
        so i suggest if you could add a plain text file to your website by which i can get the ( comma seprated ) service list and tokens for the request url like uid etc
        thanx & regards

        • Ubaid

          Mail me the format, and the text file and i shall get it done asap!

  • http://-- Rahul

    Gread API but sms’s im sending are not reaching….. :(
    Great I have just became a fan of u… man ….
    How can we notice that our username password is wrong…
    Because when im entering wrong still its giving sms sent…
    Hope u clear my problem…. you are great dude… I appreciate your best work….

    • Ubaid

      SMS delivery is not my responsibility :)
      Fixed bug in FullOnSms for wrong password..

  • http://-- Rahul

    can please share the Request codes used for way2sms and site2sms

    • Ubaid

      Wat do you mean by request codes?

      • http://-- Rahul

        means the REQUEST URL of free smsing web…. i.e API’s of the sites…

        • Ubaid

          You can directly use the api from my website. You dont have to worry about making changes to your system anytime the sms provider changes certain things on their site. If you use my API, it is always updated, and its Implement and Forget scenario.. use it once in your application and you dont have to bother about fixing it anytime cos my API is up 99% of the times, and is servicing approximately 10,000 requests per day…

          • http://-- Rahul

            Thanx for you advice but lastly help in using you API using PHP in my site….

  • http://-- Rahul

    I have an application using you API i wish to publish on you site…. Hope many a people may that…. Give me your mail ID wil send you soon….

  • http://-- Rahul

    thanks a lot ubaid for PHP implementation …. great work you are realy HERO person…

  • http://-- Rahul

    PHP code is wrong…. There should not be ‘&’ sign before ‘uid’ please correct…

    • Ubaid

      Fixed.. well it works fine even with that :)

      • http://-- Rahul chadhary


  • Surya

    Hi Ubaid,

    First of all thank you for providing this cool API.

    I have some problems. I think the authentication is not being performed. Even if I give wrong username and password the response I am getting is 1, instead of -4.

    Can you give me the solution for this problem please?

    • Ubaid

      Your are welcome. Can you tell me for which service provider this is happening?

  • surya


    It is way2sms.
    Even though if I give wrong password, when I click submit, it is returning the response as 1 instead of -4.

    Can you please solve this?

    • Ubaid

      hmm.. i checked just now.. Will fix it sometime soon. Since it is a harmless bug (msg wont get delivered, if your password is wrong), it can wait for sometime!

  • senthil

    How you get a authentication? Are you hacking the sms providers or You just get a Bulk sms from sms provider through proper authentication……
    The work done by u on this site is very nice…And i need to use this on Ruby On Rails coding….Please provide a code for Ruby On Rails Language..

    Thank You

    • Ubaid

      thanks for the appreciation…. I’m not an expert in ruby on rails, but I wil try my best to provide you with a sample code to call my api…

    • Ubaid

      Hi Senthil,

      After some research I was able to get some Ruby On Rails script. I am not sure if it will work, so you can try and let me know. If its working, I will add it on my page so that other users can refer it.

      You can use Ruby’s Net::HTTP class:

      require ‘net/http’

      url = URI.parse(‘’)
      req =
      res = Net::HTTP.start(, url.port) {|http|http.request(req)}
      puts res.body

      Let me know if it works,

  • http://-- Rahul chadhary

    API is not working brother plzz check it out..

    • Ubaid

      Which one is not working? Let me know I will fix it’ll..

  • Prashanth

    Hello sir, you have done a wonderful job. Is the API available to download? Or to use only through

    • Ubaid

      Thank you… There is no download available. You can check for the sample source code above and use it in your application, else check out for sending it from your browser.

  • prasad

    want to thank you, but its too small for your work. But, i just want to know a small info. generally this is done without intervention of if this is known to them they will change their sms sending mechanism immediately. then how you manage to maintain this site without fail. is there any understanding between you and smsing companies. just asked, not required to answer. but if you answer ill get info.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Indavest Technology Ventures.

    • Ubaid

      Nothing special.. they change their site structure, i update my api’s to accomodate their change.. simple :)

  • Madhurendra

    can i get a bulk smsing software ….excel sheet mainly fails to do job…shows errors

  • Balu


    I am getting the Error “The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.”.
    Can u plz let me know how to solve this issue.

    • Ubaid

      Can you explain the steps to reproduce this error? For which API are you getting this?

  • Dattatray

    Hi sir,

    PHP code is giving an error please check it out.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Ubaid

      Its because your web server does not support get_file_contents.

  • Dattatray

    previously it was working.
    Then what to do.
    I have using xmapp software as server. How to enable that service.

  • abhiram

    can u please give me c# source code for of api

  • bhaskers


    Great work. Thanks alot.

    I’m way2sms api is not working i integrated in my web app. but its returning server time out error..

    HttpWebResponse myResp = (HttpWebResponse)myReq.GetResponse();
    at that location i am getting operation has timed out error.

    I am using

    can u help me…..

    • Ubaid

      I am not sure exactly what is the issue. I will check it out on my servers and let you know.


      • bhaskers

        Thnaks its working…..

        Thanks alot…..

  • balajiP

    Hello sir, i want Schedule Sms in way2sms or site2sms…

    Advance Thanx….

    • Ubaid

      The API is in place. I had to get it down because of few bugs. It should be up in a couple of days.


  • balaji

    hi sir,
    i m developed desktop application…i want schedule sms future in my application

    pls give me API …………………..

    • Ubaid


      The future SMS Api was developed and uploaded on the site for all users. Unfortunately, due to some bugs I had to pull it down. It will be available for all users soon. Also, requesting you to share your desktop app with us, so that other users can benefit from it :)


      • balaji

        hi sir,

        pls give me future sms API …dll file..and how to develop desktop application .pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls help me

        my god…

        • Ubaid

          Please check the API USAGE page to learn how to integrate my API in your application.

  • sethu

    Great work developer. 160by2 gateway is returning -1 for all requests. Can you please kindly check this issue.

    Please attend to this ASAP.

    Expecting “Future SMS” feature ASAP as you commited to lakhs of users like me.

    • Ubaid

      Fixed the bug with 160by2. Future SMS will be ready tomorrow :)


    pls add worldsms apis also..we really need for that….

    • Ubaid

      Most of the world SMS sites have CAPTCHA included. I’m not sure if i want to spend time breaking those.

  • Cooldude

    Magnificient job Ubaid. I do have words to appreciate it.
    Just one question: You must be aware that Way2Sms offers two types of SMSes. Group & Instant. I believe that your API uses Group SMS by default. Can you expose a property so that user can set the SMS type as well.

    Thank you

    • Ubaid

      Thanks. It uses Instant Sms itself. Not sure why you feel its Group sms. Any particular reason?

  • balaji

    k sir i devloped application….using API ..and i want how to create shedule sms API
    my god

  • omkar

    Can u provide the source code for your website ? I want to know which URL u are using for the way2sms , 160by2 websites and how to get one in case the server design for the host website changes . Can u make it open source ?

    • Ubaid

      Omkar, At present i have no plans to make my code Open Source. However, you can be rest assured. If anything changes on the host website, those changes will be replicated on my website too.

  • Cooldude

    Hi Ubaid,
    Right now if the message text exceeds the maximum character limit of the provider then you are converting it to multiple messages in your code, which is perfectly fine. But in such cases the messages get terminated abruptly. Can you expose an optional parameter which can be used to mark end of message and also predefine that character. If we have a long message which will exceed the provider max. char limit, then we will be able to break the message in a way which makes logical sense to the receiver. Thank you.

    • Ubaid

      Thanks for the suggestion. But the prob here is, it will increase the character limit of the sms again.
      Will think about it, and let you know.

      • Cooldude

        You can leave it to the user. It is the user’s resonsibility to see that the message separator is within the max. char limit of the provider. If a message separator has been set, then you can always split the message based on the separator and not the max. char limit.

  • Cooldude

    Hi Ubaid,
    Can we send SMS in Indian languages using Way2SMS ? I tried sending unicode message string but it results as junk on the cellphone. The same unicode message displays perfectly when sent using SMS440.

    Thank you

    • Ubaid

      Way2sms does not support Unicode messages.

  • Abdul


    When I call your URL from my code with process.Start. My complete message will come in single line instead of multiple lines.

    Please suggest.

    • Abdul

      And one more thing, I dont want IE or Firefox to pop up whenever I call this URL. Can you suggest me something like I can make a call without opening a broswer?

      Thanks and Regards,

      • Ubaid

        Check the sample code written above. This does not open up the browser.

  • Michal Vojtisek

    I have an Android application with 25 gateways supported, almost 40 000 active users use my app every day. You can find more details on app website:
    I’m beeing asked to add websites like 160by2 etc. I have site2sms, way2sms, fullonsms, whozzat, … For user, API is always better then sending from phone.
    Is it ok to implement your API and send approx 5 000 messages per day?

    • Ubaid

      Yes. You can definitely use my API. Let me know once you are done and pass me the App’s Market Link. I will publish it on my site.

      • Michal Vojtisek

        that is great! I have implemented your API into latest version(1.5.5). Currently I support your API for site2sms, way2sms and fullonsms as I have those websites implemented without API too.
        I’m going to implement the other sites you support into future version.
        You can find more informations and Market link at application website:

        • Ubaid

          Thanks for supporting Michal. I have added the link to your app on the Android Application Page.

  • anshul shrivastava

    Thanks for the API and this worked for me!
    My question here is – Do you also have the API for two way communication. To explain, send a message to a number and get the rsponse. [Example: SMS to and receieve account balance from ICICI bank.]?
    Any suggestion or pointer will be helpful.


    • Ubaid

      Sorry Anshul, No two way communication at the moment..

  • Deven

    Site2sms api not working after sending 30-40 sms. api always return error -1. If i try after 1-2 hours it working fine and send again 30-40 sms only

  • nitin

    plz send me api for send SMS in java.
    thank u…..

    • Ubaid

      I think you should start from the tutorial here. Post me your Java code once it works, so that I can put it on my site as a reference for other users.


  • Kuldeep Choudhary

    I am using your Great and fruitful API since a long.
    Today it was running smoothly as usual but after forenoon there was an -4 error.
    Tried another accounts also but the problem us the same.
    Please have a look on this.

    Thank you

  • Chandresh Chaturvedi

    Dear Friends

    Can anybody give me detail about daily or hourly sms limit chart for all service provider. just like way2sms 200 sms per day, 160by2 50 sms per hour and 200 sms per day etc etc etc. It is very useful information for my excel bulk sms application. i am trying so much for find out the limit. but still not successful.

    Thanks in advance

  • techbullies

    fullonsms api not working and please give me the exact list of providers with the name to be used on the provider variable.

  • ramanna

    Sir your api is good and it is working fine for way2sms. but how can i add different provider names for sending sms…

    i am totally disappointed that how to add different provider names for sending the sms using c# code. please help me how to add different providers (like sms440, site2sms, 160by2, fullonsms etc…) for sending messages from c# code.

    • Ubaid

      Your disappointment is due to your lack of understanding the example code.

      Replace way2sms in the url with fullonsms / 160by2 etc to use different providers.

  • Nikhil

    Hi, I found your api quite useful. I have translated the call in java and plan to do the same with ruby. I have shared it here

    Keep up the great work!

    • Ubaid

      Thanks a ton bro! I shall update the sample code on my site soon.

  • Nikhil

    The ruby implementation for the same is @
    Hopefully it helps someone.

    Also I’m writing a small ruby gem which uses this, the code for the same can be found @

  • Suresh kumar

    Getting error: The operation has timed out
    on line: HttpWebResponse myResp = (HttpWebResponse)myReq.GetResponse();
    trying from last 1 hour. could u help me in this. It was working yesterday. Please reply soon.
    Thanks :)

    • Ubaid

      That’s an issue while connecting on way2sms servers. Try to change the provider to either 160by2 or site2sms and you shouldn’t see this error.

      Update 28/6 : I have used a small fix. Hopefully it should solve the problem. Please let me know if you receive this error again.

  • Suresh kumar

    ya its working now thanks :)

  • vikas

    Hello, this is really helpful. but I want to schedule sms for delivering them in future.
    So kindly tell me how this can be done for your all 7 providers.
    Many thanks

    • Ubaid

      Currently you can schedule sms only for way2sms and 160by2 api.

  • ashok

    THank you man,,, you are awesome.. Great help.

    • Ubaid

      You are welcome..

  • vikas

    Thanks for reply, but what is the url for scheduling sms, I mean please tell me how to code for scheduling sms

  • sum barua

    i used your code its working. but when i used fullonsms its not send my sms.
    I used this code
    (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(“” + uid + “&pwd=” + password + “&msg=” + message + “&phone=” + no + “&provider=fullonsms”);

    Please have a look on this.

    Thank you

    • Ubaid

      What is the error that you get? Have you checked your sent sms on to see if its showing there? Is the number you are trying to send in DND?

  • Vikas

    please tell me what is code for scheduling sms, that is what extra parameter should be added and in what format.


    • Ubaid

      Read the api usage page. Its clearly mentioned how to schedule sms.

  • Prabhat

    Dear Ubaid
    I want to use your api at my bloging site. I want that any viewer after reading my blog, can send their opinion to his / her friend via sms. So please let me know which one code i should use.

    • Ubaid

      Use the code available on . Its a html + javascript code. You can start off from there and make it work for your site.

  • vikas

    I have some problem with api. Sometimes it does not send sms to MTS network, sometimes Aircel, and sometimes to some other network. etc…
    When I see my way2sms account then it shows those numbers in sent items list.
    Please resolve the issue

    • Ubaid

      Try sending the msg from way2sms itself and see if it gets delivered. Cos if its appearing in sent sms, my api is working fine. Forwarding your request to way2sms is my responsibility. Actually Delivering those msgs are not :-)

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  • onkar

    Nice Work…………Awesome n simple than other

  • mani

    thank u it working very nice

  • nick

    the future sms api is not clear please explain it with written code or url

  • nick

    still not working

    • Ubaid

      I checked it just now and it is working. Please read the rules for Future SMS.
      1. You cannot schedule to DND No’s
      2. You cannot schedule from 9PM to 9AM.
      3. It will work only for Way2sms.

  • nick

    thanks man it worked
    u rock

  • Suyambu

    Hi friend,
    This is suyambu. Your free SMS APIs are really great…!!!. I m having an idea to create bulk sms sender website by using your APIs. May I…?please.

    • Ubaid

      Sure, go ahead. Would appreciate if you could mention you are using api’s

  • Hariesh


    I’m using ur API for railway time information and news updates..!! it works very 5ne 4 me.
    Now a new sms website is started,,its very fast..pls try to make its API..

    tnx in advance…

    • Ubaid api should be released by this week for sure!

  • nick

    Sir can you make an API that synchronizes the registration process on
    such that by using that API we can signup to

    • Ubaid

      Maybe you can, but i wont be doing it

  • Aditya Chandra


    I am getting an error “-5″ (IP Blocked) when trying to send an sms from a PHP page hosted on a free web hosting sever (Hosting Provider: 000 webhost). Is there any particular reason ?

  • sai

    dude…its not workign its saying today 500 error

  • nachiket kamat

    hey this is a really great service to send free sms, helped me complete my college project without need to buy a sms server.
    Sometime back, I was getting the output as -1 and after some research I found that the reason for -1 was that the message field in my code contained the “%” symbol.
    Example:- “The market share is $value % at $time);
    Now, according to your description -1 means a server error and -3 means invalid message.
    So I struggled to find what error it was and then realsed that the code worked after I removed the % sign from the message.

  • Hariesh

    hi bro, Tnx 4 “ULTOO” API !!

  • juned

    hi sir,
    not working some API like

    i checked only two API but not working….
    plz reply……

  • Kamal Mehta


    I really like your work and appreciate it also. I have an great offer for you. I can Provide you with a , .org , .net or .info Domain ; Absolutely Free for 1 Year along with 1 Year Premium Cpanel WebHosting. If you are interested contact me to my email id. admin[at]

  • Fakhri

    Hey, the fullonsms api is really loading really slow could you please checkout why this is happening it actually just times out

    • Ubaid

      Friendship day effect? ;-) Loads ok now.

  • Ankur

    Can you please add an api that can spoof sms

    • Ubaid

      What do you mean by SMS Spoofing? Fake SMS? Show that message is sent from some number? Nope.. I wont be doing it even if its possible. Its illegal.

  • hariesh

    Hi bro,

    Ultoo API showing server error error [-1] from today evening. pls check it.. tnx in advance…


  • Deepak Rathore

    I am using your API to send sms via in my web application using I am using MSaccess database to send sms to 10 users at a time. The problem with my application is that when i try to send a message like “Blood Group A+” then it only sends “Blood Group A”. So where is the “+” symbol gone? Why can’t i send a “+” symbol?

  • sanjeev


  • pratik bhalodiya

    really that is nice programs. thanks for sharing it .


    Please add api of Net2mobile..plz…

    • Ubaid

      Let me see how the site is. If its good enough i will add it.

      • MAD_DEV

        I tried to find its api….i was logged in but….msg was not sent….shows file not found error………….
        I think they even don’t fillow TRAI’s rule……hence they provide UNLIMITED sms this time also…..

      • MAD_Dev

        Sorry ,Its actually

  • kunal

    sir, it is urgent
    future sms by way2sms are not being scheduled

  • Tapan Desai

    I want to use your java code for sending sms, but what i want to know is that how can i catch the response from the server like the following parameters
    “codes : 1. Send this if you require a user friendly msg from the server. for example, if codes=1 is not provided the server will return the result as an integer.
    1 – SMS sent
    -1 – Server Error
    -2 – Invalid Username
    -3 – Invalid message text
    -4 – Login Failed
    -5 – IP Blocked”
    Please reply as soon as possible. I have to submit the project on thursday (6/9/2012)

    • Ubaid

      Refer the JAVA example code. There is code already written to read the status from the server.! Line no 41. Read!

      • Tapan Desai

        Do i need to change the example code and add any additional parameter in order to get the response code?

        • Ubaid

          The example code works perfectly and is tested by many users. There must be something wrong with your code.

          • Tapan Desai

            I am not trying to say that their is some problem with your code..Actually I am a newbie in java..I am pasting here the link to my screenshot of my coding. Please refer it and tell me about my mistake..and if possible can u connect to my pc using teamviewer and sort out the problem. it won’t take long time for you to solve it.

          • Ubaid

            Sorry bro. I am not a java developer. Maybe you can post in some Java Forums to find out what’s going wrong. The example code explained here is submitted by our user.

  • Tapan Desai

    Thanks for your prompt reply but i am always getting null in response.

  • veerendra

    i am using the same code showed in the java example but its not working and its returning -1 every time may i know the reason

    • Ubaid

      Which service provider?

  • kunal

    smsspark not woking

    • Sms Master here

      Yes its not working…………….

  • rahul77758 is not copied from your site bro u can bock ip and do check its fully new api designed by m try it and also it has one more feature to test DND activation

    • Ubaid

      Yeah lets not get into this fight…. The send free sms page, the js files, the excel file which you give for download etc etc… None of them are copied right? Sure?

  • ajay

    ultoo not working :(

  • Tapan Desai

    ultoo api is not working at all, and also there is some problem with sms440, while sending sms using sms440 it shows 1 as response code but when we check by logging in at there is no sms in sent box.

  • raj

    hi sir…i want to use that c# code in my app of visual studio 2012… but it throwing errors regarding namespaces…….hope u will help….thank you

  • kunal

    ultoo api not working nowutoo api needs some corrections
    as a new window pops up when we send a message

  • kunal

    ultoo api not working now
    ultoo api needs some corrections
    as a new window pops up when we send a message

    • kunal

      It has been solved

  • Jithin

    ubaid when i use your api the sms is sent twice
    i am using way2sms

  • KrishnaThota

    Is there any way to know no. of remaining messages for the day for way2sms ??

  • Axelhanes

    Thanks it’s work like a charm..

  • Manjesh

    Please help me how the msgs will be sent 50 times in a seconds..??
    How to make it.. My script to send emails and all it takes 3 mins repeating the loop..
    Please tell me how to send all at a time..

    • kunal

      you an uuse for loopfor(int i=0;i<50;i++) { sendmessage }

      • Manjesh

        Thanks for your reply..
        Even though I use loop it takes me 5-10 mins to send a msg…
        How does your api works in a secs??
        I use php.. I need to send msg to send 100 msgs in a sec how?? plz send me a sample script of that loop…

        • kunal

          i am using java program on this page and i have just put the send msg function inside for loop

          • kunal

            the msg are sent in maximum 30 seconds

          • Manjesh

            No.. I am asking how this api works that much faster..
            I have built my own api but cannot send msg this much faster

        • rahul

          how is it work dude tell me!! I follow all steps..

          • Mohamed Ubaidullah

            I am sure you missed atleast 1 step. Else it would have worked fine.

          • preethi

            Sir i realy want help from you… i send a msg successfully but didn’t get amessage

  • RohitRanjan

    First of all thanks a lot …. ur way2sms java code works …. :-) but can u plzzz give me a java code that doesn’t refers to ur website nd i can implement that page’s methord in java ….. plzzzz…. Thanks

  • jothikannan


    The API cause error like following

    [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: HTTP request failed!

    i think file_get_contents have problem. please let me know your suggestion asap

    Thanks in advance

  • Kishore

    Hi Freind,

    This is working fine for way2sms. This was tested with my windows (desktop) application. But some times the message was not sent. Is there any specific reason ? I’m getting unable to connect host server, even though internet access is there.

    If you find the solution, please share it.


    • Mohamed Ubaidullah

      Its probably because the server was not able to respond to your request. Heavy server load these days!

      • Kishore

        Okay, I understood the problem and thanks for reply. How to resolve this issue ? Is there any option available. Please suggest me.


        • Mohamed Ubaidullah

          I have upgraded the server and now it should be working fine. Have you tested it again?

          • Kishore

            Since afternoon around 2 pm is working fine today. After that it not sending any SMS, responseString returns empty string. Just now tested around 8 PM also same output (ie. empty string). Please help on this.

  • dsfdsf

    way2sms not working

  • dsfdsf

    from how many days i have used provider as way2sms in c# code but msgs are not sending and code throws time out exception

  • swarup

    Thank u, the way2sms is working. is there any limit of the no of sms that can be sent in a day through way2sms?

    • Mohamed Ubaidullah

      200 sms per day, per userid. So if you want to send more than 200, register multiple id’s with way2sms

  • ccdsiu

    hey smsspark is not working……..i have made different apps of java here…… here is the working ultoo java app

  • khoji

    your given api is working even oracle pl/sql procedure. but only problem is message without space only can go. with space it is not forwarding.

    • Mohamed Ubaidullah

      Try encoding the URL before making the request. Replace spaces with %20 or ‘+’

      • khoji

        Thanks for the support. %20 has worked.

      • preethi

        sir i try to send sms in c# it doesn’t diplay any error but i’m not get a msg

  • khoji

    please help ubaid bhai

  • Nirav Patel


    I had developed one iPhone App Called Pocket SMS using your api,and i am getting positive response from users, i have used way2sms,160by2 and ULTOO in my App, but sometimes its not woking properly and always giving me response as -1 code after long time processing..So please check this out and replay me on

    And thanks for giving such a wonderful API.

  • sas

    its not working..!!

  • chintan
  • Nikhil

    Hey has your domain been hijacked or have you stopped maintaining this site?

    • Mohamed Ubaidullah

      .tk is a scam. Realised it very late. They keep redirecting my domain to all kinds of sites to earn from the high traffic on my domain.
      Will be moving to a paid domain soon.
      .tk sucks big time.

  • saurabh

    ultoo not working

    • saurabh

      It gives 1 as reply but messages are not send

  • chetan

    @mohdubaid:disqus its good api for way2sms. i want to develop one iphone app using your api.if any idea about the iphone api please give me a suggestion.

  • Abhishek kumar

    if i want 2 use in javascript, how should i use??

  • Nick

    This API seems not working. Any issues recently.


  • dev

    LoL making ppl fool & gathering there user name & passwards

    • Mohamed Ubaidullah

      Right. As if i am interested in your usernames and passwords, and so jobless that I will actually make use of it, and for what? To send prank sms to other people using your account.? Get a life dude. If any 1 person using this api can claim their account has been misused by me, it will be non other than you.

      • creed

        Are u really jobless?

  • Nirav

    Hey plz help me,

    I use your api in my android app and currently i am facing problem with 160by2 provider.

    Please check below link in this i provide wrong phone number & password but still its give me 1 in response in place of -1 or any one else.

    Can you please tell me what’s wrong with this?

  • vikrant

    UR greight man

    using ur api i can do anything
    now m deciding to make one greatfull app on sms for android

    thnks a lot mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ur genious bosssssss

    • Mohamed Ubaidullah

      Thank You

  • vikrant

    m using ur java code example
    but in respone

    InputStream response = connection.getInputStream();
    BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(response));

    m getting “null” value

    not getting any of these below mentioned

    1 – SMS sent
    -1 – Server Error
    -2 – Invalid Username
    -3 – Invalid message text
    -4 – Login Failed
    -5 – IP Blocked


  • Fakhri

    Does it support the group message feature of 160by2 ? if so how to use ?

  • dpatel

    It is working, but for few days


  • chakry

    dear sir
    i am getting -7 error with way2sms please help

  • khoji

    Bhai, I am getting number as -7 what can be the issue.

  • khoji

    Ubaid bhai, i getting -7 as status

  • bsn

    hi mohamed.

    i was using java api. code but it shows error message in

    String query = String.format(


    URLEncoder.encode(params[0], charset),

    URLEncoder.encode(params[1], charset),

    URLEncoder.encode(params[2], charset),

    URLEncoder.encode(params[3], charset),

    URLEncoder.encode(params[4], charset));

    in this String.format() can u help me how to reslove this one…

  • bsn


    using your api..with java code ,in java code i was provided params[4] = “way2sms”; and send sms i am getting response no as -7 y am getting this response can u help me…

    • Mohamed Ubaidullah

      Please read FAQ. Way2sms and 160by2 is no longer supported.

  • kushal bhabra

    You did an awesome job man.. really :)

    fullonsms works for me. Yet sometimes i get server error ..any idea why?

  • Rajesh V


    I tried to send msg using Sms440 and Ultoo. It is getting compiled but when I tried to run it, is showing “<style type="text/css". Why it is coming like that??

  • Rajesh V


    I tried to send msg using Sms440 and Ultoo. It is getting compiled but when I tried to run it, is showing “<style type="text/css". Why it is showing like that??

  • Rajesh V


    I tried to send msg using Sms440 and Ultoo. It is getting compiled but when I tried to run it, is showing <style type="text/css". What does it mean??

  • veerendra

    your API is returning 0 can i know the reason along with the work around please its urgent

    • Mohamed Ubaidullah

      Checked, and it is returning 1 for fullonsms

  • ajay

    can any one give me coding for jsp htm

  • coder

    send sms using jsp html

  • Rajesh V

    None of the API is working Ubaid. Please help me out. It is showing the return code 1 but msg is not going to the mobile.

  • siddhu

    sir am getting -1 error in java

  • Mohammad Irshad Khan

    this sample code is not working it return -1 for Way2sms and 0 for please help me

  • prakash

    Hi, I tried C# code today, but its return -1

  • vikram

    “The operation has timed out” at line 5 , c# code, Please suggest.

  • vikram

    code running fine but no sms delivered. Any suggestion, credentials are right and getting the js “mesage sent succesful” notifacation, but no sms delivered to any number

  • B Mahindar

    Hi bro
    I want to make way2sms app using qt for symbian belle mobiles…. Can u please provide the code for qt apps..

    Thank u very much

  • ganesh sah

    way2sms and 160by2 API not working

  • saurabh

    sir you are great

    sir can you provide api for integrating voice sms of

    thanx in advance

  • Jaykumar

    Sir please help me out. i was using your services in my project but from last 20 days i m not able to send sms. i m getting the error -1 pls help me out. i need your hepl please help me. Thanks allot for ur support.

  • venkatesh

    Sir how i can schedule the sms for future.

    • Mohamed Ubaidullah

      Thats not possible anymore.

  • abhinand

    i cant send sms using php,the error message is “Warning: file_get_contents(*****&pwd=*****&phone=9497800802&msg=vxvxvxvxc&codes=1&provider=site2sms) [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request in G:wampwwwubaidub.php on line 15″

  • Mohamed Ubaidullah

    I cant help you. How do I know which provider are you using, and which language of coding?

  • rinu

    if i use HttpWebRequest myReq = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(“” + uid + “&pwd=” + password + “&msg=” + message + “&phone=” + no + “&provider=fullonsms”); it will generate error message or if i use way2sms instead of fullonsms then successfully sent but i didn’t get sms what can i do? pls ans me….

  • Sandip Ghosh

    Hello, i get a -1 on fullonsms server so please help me to solve that problem urgently…

  • Sandip Ghosh

    Hello, i get a -1 on fullonsms server so please help me to solve that problem urgently…

  • hardik

    for php its not working

  • faeem

    this will generating error like The operation has timed out.
    plz help me out this…

    • Mohamed Ubaidullah

      There was some issue with the server. The services have been resumed. You can try now with fullonsms.

  • hardik

    php not working..

  • ashishkumar

    hey dear, i m not able to send message.. can you just send me complete code on my email id: or give me missedcall at 9699835996.. i will call u…??? please help me yaar…..????

  • Krishna

    None of the APIs working. Every thing is giving -1 error. Stop giving the responses to silly and damn questions. Let us know why your URL is giving -1 which is Server Error. It seems you have not developed all this, I think you have cheated some other to get this API. If you are intelligent just respond to this Comment. At least don’t cheat people by posting such type of falsehood APIs. I have manners , that is why I am not crossing my limits. Otherwise, ……….

    • Mohamed Ubaidullah

      Go ahead.. cross your limits.. And Yes! I have cheated you. Lol. Which world do you live in? Why do you want yourself to be cheated? Get a life dude. Dont come back here to get cheated again.

      And keep on loving java. Who’s stopping you?

  • Kumar

    I have unnecessarily registered with all the SMS service providers. None ot them are working with your code in Java. Giving -1 error. Please Answer to this query. If you don’t just delete all this stuff from this site and don’t mislead the java people. We Love Java.

    • Mohamed Ubaidullah

      Go ahead. Write your own sample code and give it to me. I’m not a java developer. The code was provided by a user of this site, and its not mine. But I am sure its working.

  • Sudheer Friend

    when i am using the PHP it is giving the -11 error how i can slove plzzzzzzz help me sir

  • Sudheer Friend

    i create an account in Fullonsms i have given the user-id as my P-number and password , destination number and msg….. but i am getting the can i slove

    • Mohamed Ubaidullah

      -11 is error response for Unsupported provider. I am sure you are not giving the provider=fullonsms. Recheck your code!

  • narendra

    i am getting response as 1 but message not receiving in mobile

  • Sachin Itgampalli

    sir i am getting the following error plz help

    “failed to open stream: HTTP request failed!

    Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded”

  • zeeshan khan

    Hi, I am using your java example, but I am getting the connection refused error:
    Exception in thread “main”,

    Is the issue with your server or fullonsms not providing the service as of now?? Plz help

  • Akhil Chaurasia

    Hi Mohamed,

    I tried this API with PHP code and fullonsms sms service provide, first it worked fine for me then it statred giving error “Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded” , i have tried it with other “site2sms” also but the result was same.
    Can you please help me with this.

  • surender

    i used bulk sms system since long back still now i can not send each sms also help me

  • adinesh

    hello ubaid…
    i used php code and it works fine…

    when i tried to use java code in android it is returning -1 for fullonsms
    plz help

  • Ravi

    through your api can i send message in unicode?
    If no then please me suggest which api work for unicode sms for java

  • Pavan

    always the server returns error, please try again later, like request time out please provide the solution .

  • Abhishek

    tried using all api….but none of them get the job done…all r giving -1 as result. Mohamed, i m using as a front-end…kindly provide any suggestion on it…. waiting for ur reply…

  • anand

    Sir can you please help me. With fullonsms it is giving this error : “System.Net.WebException: The operation has timed out at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse()” . where i am doing mistake ?

  • Sahil Grover

    I am getting some weird 403 error forbidden

  • Ari

    I’m using youmint and message does not send to mobile and printed 1 at cmd

  • pruthvi


    I am using ur php code,Initially i was getting sms alert,later on i added some json data to message,now i am getting error ,now i am not able to send message with normal test also can you suggest what is the problem

    div style=”border:1px solid #990000;padding-left:20px;margin:0 0 10px 0;”>

    A PHP Error was encountered

    Severity: Warning
    Message: file_get_contents(****&pwd=******&phone=813*******&msg=MESSAGE%20TEXT&provider=fullonsms): failed to open stream: HTTP request failed!
    Filename: controllers/smscontroller.php
    Line Number: 39

    error in this line

    $sms_response = file_get_contents(‘’.$content);

  • pruthvi

    Can you unblock the ip address one more ,sorry i sent some invalid characters,

  • Ron

    Unable to send sms via fullonsms provider after sending 10 sms ….
    what should I do ??

  • pruthvi

    Can you unblock the ip address one more ,sorry i sent some invalid characters,

  • Vivek Shah

    i got -11 display on my screen can anyone help me?

  • Vivek Shah

    Hello everyone please help me i am tring site2sms username & password but there is an error Login Failed!

    • preethi

      The same error i got…

  • Vivek Shah

    I tried youmint result is SMS Sent! but not get SMS please help me

  • Mac Mold

    I used your api for 3 gateways i.e indyarocks,ultoo,fullonsms … and it gives a response 1 (Success msg) but i dont receive a single sms yet … after waiting for 15 20 mins

    seems all other gateways hv also blocked ur IP

  • Linoy Pappachan

    thank you so much….its work really great :)

    • preethi

      Please help me…. no reaction in my code when i’m run help me please

  • Yogesh Chauhan

    I tried this API with code and fullonsms sms service provide, it giving error “The operation has timed out” plz help me and plz let me know how to use multiple api in same application select from dropdown list

  • Ravish Nadpara

    I have tried fullonsms account it is showing that sms sent! but it is not getting delivered.

  • sbaz

    its working with fullonsms provider…

  • deepak

    i m using c# api code that responcevalue return (-4) that it means

  • sadasf

    not working

  • Krishanu Dey

    Tried using your API with site2sms, but getting error “-4 – Login Failed” Please help. I can show you my code and my username password. I’m sure the username and password are ok. Is it due to the captcha at the login on site2sms?

  • Arpit

    i tried it with fullon sms but i got message only onces time no sms and no error

    • preethi

      hi! i new to ths please tell the step to send ya

  • divesh

    m new so any one pls help me how to use and how to sms widget thanks

  • Nigam Patta

    Hello Boss ,this is working well and good for Airtel Providers only.Other than airtel Is Not Working .Help me regarding this.

  • nandhini

    sir i want the above concept in jsp code …please send it to my id is….
    thank you sir

  • Prabu

    The remote name could not be resolved: ‘’

  • Fowiz Android App

    You may try our free HTTP based API for sending SMS from applications written in Java, PHP or .NET. Not only the API but the service is also free. For more details visit

  • saumil

    I have tried almost all the SMS websites given above but mostly I’am getting -1 error, I haven’t yet made a successful message. I will be obliged if you can guide me through.

  • Saumil

    I’am using and almost everytime it displays ’1′ i.e message sent, but the target has not yet received the message. Kindly guide me through.

  • Janani

    I tried this API with Ruby code and youmint sms service provide,I tried in my ruby console with your code.I got response like “Message sent”.But i didn’t receive any message from my mobile..Can u pls help Me???/

  • rohith

    you are awesome mannn

  • ramanjaneyulu

    hi sir i am trying to send the sms using the ultoo throug dot net. response shows the sent message successful. but i did not get message.
    And also i was tryimng sit2sms the same problwm has occured. pls give me solution.

  • boyapati Subrahmanyam

    always getting -1.

  • akansha

    ultoo and youmint are showing msg sent…..but i did not recieve any…pls helpppppppppppppp

  • suvradip saha is not working now

  • suvradip saha is not working for sms sending API

  • preethi

    Sir, I use site2sms to send sms in c# it display -4(Login faild) but i give my correct username and pwd

  • madhu

    hi , i used fullonsms provider in to send sms’s , but it reruen -4 , even i have account on that site, please give sucessions on that

    thank u

  • chandrakala

    sir in my, my wallet recharge amount reached 33 rupees..but i would like to sent 20rupess..i filed all the filling blocks..but entirely it’s shows “wrong requested ip”..i don’t know what’s the meaning of that..please sir why didn’t sent recharge amount in me why didn’t send ammount